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 Just One Kiss (One-Shot)

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PostSubject: Just One Kiss (One-Shot)   Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:01 pm


Maggie whipped around, her long thing auburn hair flying into her eyes, causing her to stumble and nearly drop the stack of books she was carrying. Raising one hand and brushing the strands from her eyes, she beheld the grey eyes of Draco Malfoy peering at her, and for once they were free of their usual malice. In fact, she wasn't sure what to call the emotion she saw in their steely depths.

Shifting the books in her arms, she gave a small gasp as the top one slipped and began to fall. She moved to try and catch it, knowing she never would with the other three books in her arms, but the book never hit the floor. Looking up, her eyes were wide and startled when she saw Malfoy had caught the book and was holding it out to her, that same strange look in his eyes. Taking it back, she eyed him warily, giving him a curt nod as thanks. She turned to walk away, but again was stopped by his voice.


"What?" she snapped, again turning around but this time managing to keep a hold on all her books.

In reply, he looked up, and following his gaze with her golden brown eyes, Maggie paled. A sprig of mistletoe was hanging above her head. Looking back down, golden brown eyes gazed into grey, trying to decipher just why he was looking at her so strangely. He moved closer to her, and she tried to take a step back, stopping when she saw the hurt flash in his eyes.

"Do you hate me that much Stafford?"

Righteous anger was at her call, and he watched as her eye's flamed. "How can you ask me a question like that?" she said vehemently. "You've done nothing but torment me and my friends for almost six years. You call Hermione and myself 'Mudbloods' at every chance you get, and yet you expect me by some strange twist to like you?"

His face remained impassive. "I would have thought better of a Gryffindor."

Her mouth fell open in surprise, and she spluttered for several seconds before closing it and whirling on her heel, intending to stalk away angrily. However, before she could she felt a hand close on her arm, pulling her back. The books she was carrying spilled from her arms as Malfoy turned her to face him, and she stared into his eyes, now alight with their own fire. His customary smirk crossed his lips as he stared at her outraged expression, enjoying every moment of her anger. Leaning close to her, he whispered, "What would you do if I gave you just one kiss?"

"What are you talking about?"

He pulled back, but not very far. His face was mere inches from hers. "we're standing beneath mistletoe Stafford. You do know what happens under mistletoe, don't you?"

Before she could protest, or try to wrestle herself from his grasp, he leaned forward and covered her lips with his own. Her eyes widened and everything seemed to explode around her, and then it was over. Malfoy pulled away, that strange look on his face again as he stared at her. With a gentleness she never would have thought possible of Draco Malfoy, he reached up and pushed hair from her face. "Happy Christmas... Maggie."

Opening her mouth to reply, Maggie found that the words wouldn't come. Before she could muster the strength to speak, Malfoy had turned and hurried off, disappearing through the doors at the end of the hall. Numbly, Maggie gathered up her books and headed off, intending to go back to the Gryffindor common room to study with Hermione. However before she'd taken one step she stopped, looking first up at the mistletoe, then at the doors Malfoy had left through. A small smile crossed her face.

"Happy Christmas... Draco."

As she turned and walked away she didn't know that Malfoy had not left completely having heard her he smiled happy to have caught her to give her just one kiss.

I do hope that this is liked cause I had fun writing it! :) 

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"Gunner Jenson I swear if you do that one more time... Ugh!!!" *Shakes head with a small smirk*

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PostSubject: Re: Just One Kiss (One-Shot)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:21 pm


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Just One Kiss (One-Shot)
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