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 About the premade area

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PostSubject: About the premade area   Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:25 pm

Warning!!! Rule:
Quote :To make a random premade character, you must have 5 stories posted or role-played in 5 different rps.Premade characters are well... forgotten, left to dead or just NPCs that members made for one reason or another.

So in this area, you can have one of your old characters moved here for adoption or you can reply on one's profile to ask to have that character or to use it.

Sadly Once any character gets moved here, the admin will become the owner until it's claimed.

Oh here's a good thing, Members are allowed to randomly post characters here for others to use, Members are also free to use the characters here as long as they ask me. Same to claiming.

To get one of your characters moved here, post this at the top of their profile:
This character is up for claim or free use. I do not want nor claim this character anymore.

Ones that have been moved:
To free, reply to the profile, with this:
I would like to use this character for ___Rp/Story Title here__. Can I please borrow them?

To claim/adopt, use this:
I really love this character and I would like to have them as my own.((Also say what you are going to use them for))

Once you did that, Please send me a PM to let me know and I'll update each thread.

Oh, You can also put a hold onto a character for later use or for a friend. I seem to do that a time or two.

To put one on hold, use this:
I would like to have this character on hold for __how long?__ // or // ___who?__.

Again, PM me to let me know. lol

With that all said and done, lets hope you understand this. If not, let me know. ^^

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About the premade area
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